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Viernes 20 de Julio, 2008: 2 años 10 meses...

I just want you to know that I'm here thinkin' 'bout you, missin' you, wantin' you more than anything...
You're my day, my night,
my sun, my star,
my thoughts, my dreams,
my music, the art,
the sounds, the silence,
my heart, my soul,
the movements, the calm,
my past, my present, my future,
the fantasy, the reality,
my home, my family
what I like, what I want, what I need,
my peace, my world.
All of this and so much more.
You're just my eveything.

I want to remind you that I LOVE YOU. (guess you know it's true (8))


el 21 June 2008 695 Vistas

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Vale_she el 25/08/2010

y pensar q ahora serían como 5 años...

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