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Active ingredients used in Yacon root Max

use your back muscles to lift I in at on the way down mountain and then you're going to come up onto all fours bring your knees underneath you sit beckon your heels know your forehead to the ground bring your hands on you by your feet your child's pose to stretch out your low back knows last two poses the he's only roll out you going to come back on hear back for bridge pose so this is our first pose that the class is about and you going toned your block if you have time for this if you don't worry about it it's just something that can help you with your alignment if you have it so for bridge pose you have the block you going to put it between your knees you going to lane your back with the knees bent in your feet flat on the floor parallel to each other I'm the block helps a lot cut generally people turn their feet out and have them further than his Yacon Root Max with the party as well and this just helps to bring that into alignment really nicely can have your hands downy the sides have your body palms down and then your neck straight I'll in alignment with your spine K you going to Press into your feet firmly into your have starts lifting up of the ground and then it you can stay here now if it feels comfortable .

Yacon Root Max

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