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Po-Lite Ashtray verses Comfort Lighter

I sold two back in 2001 on eBay of my very claimed innovation done by my own hands and ebay erased the two comments left for the crafted material. That can be used to discard ashes off of a burning unit or smoking object if an waste basket or ashtray is not feasible to reach or find in large or widen - abroad parties. My innovation can help get kindling burning for campfire building, be used as a shot-glass, used to stash medicine in, and folded bills to spices. To close an extra amount inside. A lighter can be fitted to slide in and seal containments.

amor apartment art back-wash bic box box on liter brasil can canopy casecasing corner corner piece cup ebay empty container erasure etc. exotic felicidad foto fotolog hat later lift lighter lighter case lighter casing lighter cover liter sleave party patent patent search raisable case raisable slip riff-raff rip-off company rosesearch sleave sleaves slide-on slide-on case slip-off boxslip-on case slip-on casing slips slip-up transfer up washington d.c. work of art

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