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above the noise.

20 h

things will be okay or they won't be at all.

11 h

Sucking the life out of everyone you've ever known.

7 h

Fucking disgusting people in your area.

8 min

the loneliest day of my life

3 min

Will I ever be able to love anything?

dear future self:
this day right here it's happening.
I hope you're alright now.
it doesn't matter where you are.
who you love.
who loves you.
who does actually care about you.
who doesn't.

you're rotten inside.
everything IS your fault.

and you need to be gone and never come back.

(i really hope it's alright now)

el 14 August 2017 en Belleville, New Jersey, United States 65 Vistas

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