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waking up
in the middle of the night
feeling an empty void in your chest
you turn to your left side
to your right side
trying to numb the pain that's boiling your back
your legs
your arms
turn left again
check your phone
put on a stupid background music
trying to make your head shut up
but it doesn't make it shut up
it just makes it scream louder
and you find yourself
picturing him next to you
his fingers pressed against your skin
softly caressing it
and he whispers
'let's stay like this for a little longer
i love you
you make me feel safe
you make me feel good'
then you turn right again
but he's gone
and it's 3.03 a.m
and you find out
you're in love
and the emptiness in your chest fades away
your back doesn't hurt that much
your legs
your arms
you turn left again
you make him comeback
and you whisper
'i love you back
i'll love you longer
i'll love you best
i'll love you until I can no longer see you
touch you
or feel you'

- from the night I couldn't wait for 'me' to be 'us' again -

el 17 April 2017 en Belleville, New Jersey, United States 325 Vistas

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